Flow with Your Business

Coaching Female Entrepreneurs to Overcome Crippling Self-doubts, Build Inner Trust and Acquire the Clarity, Emotional Strength, and Effectiveness They Need to Build the Value-creating, Joyous and Abundant Business Their Soul Desires in 4 Months (or Less).

Who Am I?

Hi, this is Lisa and here is my story:

My whole life I was always involved in helping others succeed, as a sports trainer, tutor at university, teacher at elementary school, yoga instructor, team lead, you name it. I feel most fulfilled and inspired when supporting others in the pursuit of their goals and holding the space for their growth. I became a Professional Coach to support people with just that at a much deeper level.

However, in this career process, I realized the challenges, the confusion, the emotional stress, and the overwhelming complexity associated with creating a business of your own, especially for young women.

It took me a long while, a lot of books, youtube videos, personal development courses and various personal coaches to figure out the mental and emotional skills needed to build a successful business. Especially through coaching I figured out that building a business not only needs the product or service-related skills in the chosen field, but also a lot of clear thinking, self-reflection, emotional resilience, courage to step outside of your comfort zone and fast and confident decision-making.

Through discussion with my peer coaches, I then built a program so that other passionate women like me can build a sustainable, expansive business that their hearts and souls thrive on!

Lisa Fischer is a Certified Professional Coach from the Institute of Professional Coaching (ICF accredited organization). She also holds degrees as Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and Core Dynamics Wellbeing Specialist. Furthermore, she is a certified Hatha yoga instructor (RYT200).

About My Program


Who It Is For?

  • Entrepreneurs willing to work on their inner game to get to their goals
  • Women who are willing to open up, be vulnerable and sharing their insecurities and limiting beliefs, or even just learning to do the former
  • Someone who is looking to go in deep and do loads of internal exploration about the drivers of their behavior.
  • Women who are looking for someone to guide them through their process towards their goals, cheer them on and give them different, insightful perspectives on their situations.

Who It Is Not For?

  • This program is not for those who want answers like a quick fix pill to their woes, but rather is for those who are willing to take the time to put in the work to build emotional resilience within themselves.
  • It is not for those who look for concrete step-by-step business mentoring advice or business education.
  • The content is also not geared towards giving generic success mindset strategies but aims at formulating very individualized solutions to complex situations.
Module one

Status Quo Inventory – Mindset


  • Get an overview of where you stand in all key areas of your life, and find out the issues and gaps where you are not showing up the way you want to.
  • The assessments provide mental clarity on things that will be addressed over the course of the coaching engagement.


Can’t get your head straight? Feeling confused, lost, overwhelmed, and exhausted? Not sure what to focus on nor where to even begin building your business?

Here is the solution: this detailed initial assessment identifies your current patterns and clearly shows the gaps to where you want to be, hereby setting the tone for the next modules.

Module two

In it to Win it – the Emotional Evaluation


  • This module reconnects you to your deepest driver – your purpose, passion, flow – your person why.
  • It clarifies your vision, mission, and values.
  • Through the emotional trigger toolkit, you build emotional resilience, confidence, and trust in yourself to handle any upcoming fears.


How would it feel to really be certain, deep down in your core, that nothing can shake you, that you can make a massive difference, that you have something valuable to offer? This segment re-connects you to your inner wisdom, your personal why. It builds confidence and trust in yourself so that you can weather any fears that might arise.

Module Three

Flow to Success


  • Construct your personal formula for success through the core energy process.
  • Identify the 6 main factors that contribute to your peak state, aka “being in the flow”.
  • Get 3 very special quick recovery strategies for emotional emergency situations.


It is never about time management; it is always about energy management!

Here you will figure out your personal formula for incredibly high and stable energy – your distinct flow state with its own influencers. This state directly catapults you to your version of success.

Module four

Making Things Real


  • Master the format to make faster decisions and setting goals in a realistic way.
  • Identify the pathways to achieve these goals while setting up the systems to hold you accountable as you go about achieving great results with support that helps you thrive.


Only action translates ideas into reality.
The aim is to engage the logical brain, make decisions faster, break goals down into manageable parts and structure accountability systems that you thrive in.

Module Five

In It for the Long Haul


  • Make your process sustainable over the long haul with a framework of incremental improvements and consistency over perfection.
  • It is about setting up your productivity system in a gamified but disciplined way to be able to create consistent output without bouncing between overwhelm and procrastination.


Patience and discipline equals freedom; so does progress and consistency.

Having a balanced plan of routines and habits that you can tweak over time ensures that the sustainability and success of your endeavors. With this you won’t be feeling stressed out all the time. You will recognize earlier when you start to overexert yourself, and proactively prevent completely overworking yourself and losing your self-care routines. With this approach you can have your health and a successful business too.

Module Six

Building a Habit of Resilience


  • This part focuses on being kind to yourself and gracious when things do not come as expected.
  • It also shows you how to celebrate and cherish the wins (big and small!), with the support system of your choice.


Our lives are never perfect, we are always a work in progress. However, it is also paramount to cherish moments along the way! Beating yourself when things don’t turn out as expected usually does not help anybody, it decreases your self-esteem and negatively influences your decision-making.

On the other side, being kind to yourself builds up more confidence in yourself and your capabilities, which in turn leads to better decisions in business. And the good news: it is a learnable skill!

So is celebrating and enjoying the wonderful moments with your loved ones!

Overall knowing how to handle the highs and lows in business and life massively enriches the whole journey!

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