Lisa Lukretia Fischer

Please Go Through Everything Before your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

Everything I do is to empower people to live up to their highest potential. So, my goal for you is to get you to a place of mental clarity, emotional resilience and a structured way for executing on building your heart’s business. The way I approach this is by supporting you in believing in yourself and becoming aware of your unhelpful anxiety-creating patterns, and then learning how to replace those limiting beliefs and accessing your internal resources. This will give you incredible focus, holistically stable energy levels and will empower you to build a business that fulfills you. It just happens to be called holistic energy coaching.

The real reason.

***— Why***

Women who choose to become entrepreneurs want more out of life. They know they have a valuable gift to bring into the world and they also want to live on their own terms doing just that.

Then they enter the business world, not expecting how much responsability, emotional turmoil and lack of guidance will come their way.

The stress of having to know everything, making a million decisions and fast, and worrying about the future of their business and life all puts them in an incredibly volatile emotional state from which it is hard to make clear choices.

This usually results in even more anxiety, losing track of their original motivation, unclear focus and unstable energy levels, and hence a big lack in execution business-wise.

***— What***

What you do to change this nerve-wracking pattern, is to look at how your ideal state would be, aka. defining how you would like to engage in business and life. Really successful entrepreneurs know exactly how to regulate their mental and emotional states, which helps them be consistent and fast in decision-making and output.

That means getting very clear on your fears and stressors, and becoming aware of how to recognise them early on. This also means recognising your anxious reactions to your limiting thoughts and how to deal with them in the moment.

It also includes learning to be kind to yourself, building up an emotional support system, learning how to ask for help when needed, and most of all trusting yourself in following through and getting exactly where you desire to go.

Furthermore, it greatly helps to reconnect with your original driver of building your business which gives you stability when things get tough.

And lastly, having the right productivity system for you that gives you structure and flexibility at the same time, and hence massively enhances your effectiveness.

***— How***

Having been in the same spot, I can fully relate to these immense feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. What helped me change my perspective was delving deep into the world of personal development, taking tons of different courses on personal strenghts and values, doing more yoga, reading hundreds of books and asking for help from qualified mentors.

Over the years, I spent incredible amounts of time, money, and energy in order to get into this space of confidence, courage, and relaxation.

And this is what I have condensed down and would love to give you. Together we will analyse and change your patterns, and customise a unique system that enables you to have sustained success.

2. What can I expect from the call?

Together we are going to analyse the biggest obstacles and influencing factors for you regarding your business. Once we both have clarity on those, we will look at your holistic vision for the business and the most immediate goals you set for yourself. And if we determine that a collaboration will benefit you greatly in building your thriving business, we will talk about that. If it does not happens to be a great fit, I will still point you in the direction of resources that will be of value to you.

3. Who is Lisa Lukretia Fischer?

Lisa Lukretia Fischer is an accredited professional coach who specialises in working with entrepreneus – supporting them to achieve greater business results by building a holistic framework for emotional resilience, mental focus, and consistent productivity.

In her former life as an environmental engineer she had to learn the hard way what it feels like to not be building on your strengths and passions. It took her a while to define those and then be courageous enough to act on them.

Along this journey of self-discovery, she learned about resilience, well-being, and sustainable high performance that she now loves to share with others.

Pulling from her background of being a trainer in competitive sports, teaching at schools and university, and instructing yoga and meditation, she feels incredibly passionate now about coaching people on a much deeper holistic level. She focuses primarily on empowering women to reach their professional and personal goals because she herself is a living example of a female entrepreneur who once also struggled to set up her business.

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Some People I’ve Worked With

Patricia Bergmann

Happiness & Success Coach

“When I started working with Lisa I was pretty exhausted. I was relatively successful but everything was somehow so pressured and forced that my energy at a very low level. I have always had a hard time making decisions and have mostly always asked everyone else around me. I always focused more on everyone around me and lived according to the expectations of others. When I found Lisa, I was skeptical at first whether 1:1 coaching was beneficial. Today I can say it was totally worth it! Lisa is such an empathetic, intuitive and at the same time professional coach with whom it is really fun to work. With Lisa’s help I managed to find my inner voice, my intuition and ultimately myself again. Where before there was constant stress and tension, I now feel very relieved, and my life is simply more fun. I have finally reconnected to myself and was able to reach my goals much easier through Lisa’s accountability and support. Lisa knows exactly what questions to ask and what tools to use to bring you back to your full power and energy. I highly recommend working with Lisa!”

Lena Fleischmann

Owner Dog School

“My biggest problem before getting coached by Lisa was fear of failure. It mainly appeared in exam-type situations, but at this point in time it had also transferred to regular day-to-day situations. Up until then I had tried to either explain the situation logically or to just ignore it. I did not have a structured approach and hence could not solve the problem. Initially, I had some concerns about the coaching, as Lisa and me are childhood friends. These were unsubstantiated however. On the contrary, this fact personally helped me a lot, since I usually find it difficult to open up to people. Ever since the coaching I am way more conscious of myself and my fear. I learned techniques on how to handle the situation and deal with it once and for all. Lisa is very sensitive and understanding in the conversations, without judging and she supports in finding a personal strategy and then walking the talk. With this I grew the confidence in myself and I would gladly accept her help again any time.”

Nataly Kampf

Natural Health Practitioner

“Before I started working with Lisa I had a vague, but weirdly strong sense of what I wanted to do with my life (- and what I didn’t want to keep chasing.) But in my everyday experience I still often switched from feeling lost and confused to frustrated or apathetic, because I couldn’t really see how to get there and(!) enjoy the process.
Her approach to coaching resonated with me from the first intro call, and – combined with her wonderful way of being and working – gave me the safe, open, judgment free, and always supportive space I needed to learn how to recognize(!) and challenge old limiting beliefs, see them from different perspectives, release them, and explore what’s truly meaningful and important to me at my core (and which ways of working make me feel excited to go out there and share my gifts with the world). There are so many benefits that came with that (/everything I’ve learned from her), but the biggest impact our work has had is probably that I now trust (and believe) in my ability to create the life and business of my dreams in a holistic, enjoyable, healthy and sustainable way – on my own terms.”

Elena Shustrova

Spiritual Coach

“Dear Lisa, thank you so much for all the sessions that we had. You helped me a lot with shifting to another level, get rid of my old patterns and make the life easier. After our sessions I always had a plan to follow that helped me to resolve any task and issue I came to the session with. I received amazing and incredible support from you. And I always know that if I need to improve my life quickly, I just to need to be coached by you. Thank you for the results I had when working with you❤”

Emma Strachan

“Lisa is a thoughtful and intuitive coach. She allowed me the space to process my thoughts. Her kindness shines through her coaching and I felt supported in working towards my goals from a place of non judgment. She often helped me to see things from a different perspective and allowed me to recognise my own strengths in order to reach my goals. Having worked with Lisa I feel better able to navigate my business and I’m excited rather than fearful of the opportunities ahead.”

Andi Nolte

“Wie habe ich mich gefühlt, bevor ich von Lisa gecoacht wurde? Was waren meine größten Herausforderungen zu dieser Zeit?
Ich war sehr orientierungslos und wusste nicht, wo ich in meinem Leben hinmöchte. Meine größte Herausforderung war, dass ich kaum/keine Klarheit hatte über das, was ich wollte und das, was ich kann.
Was habe ich noch ausprobiert, um die diese Probleme zu lösen? Wie lief es?
Gespräche mit Freund/innen, verschiedene Online-Kurse,
Hatte ich Bedenken, von Lisa gecoached zu werden? Was waren diese?
An sich keine. Höchstens, da wir privat befreundet sind, dass das unsere Freundschaft beeinträchtigen könnte.
Was hat sich geändert, nachdem ich Lisa mit mir gearbeitet hatte?
Ich habe Ideen entwickelt und mehr Vertrauen bekommen, wie ich meinen Weg auf meine Weise fortzuführen kann und wie ich mir täglich mehr Klarheit darüber verschaffen kann, ob das, was ich gerade tue, wirklich etwas ist was ich möchte. Zudem hat sie meinen Blick geweitet auf die Zusammenhänge zwischen Körper und Geist, sodass ich heute viel mehr beide Aspekte bei meinen Abwägungen miteinander verbinde.
Wenn ich Lisa einer/m Freund/in empfehlen würde, was würde ich sagen?
Lisa hat einen sehr klaren Blick auf Menschen und traut sich auch, vermeintlich unangenehme Fragen zu stellen, die helfen, aus dem eigenen Kopfkino rauszukommen. Sie schafft eine angenehme und vertrauensvolle Atmosphäre, in der man tiefer an seine eigenen Themen herankommen kann.
Was war mein Highlight am Coaching und was war meine größte Erkenntnis?
Dass ich gar nicht so chaotisch bin, wie ich dachte, sondern nur eine andere Art brauche, um mich zu organisieren. Und dass ich bereits viel mehr Know How und Fähigkeiten mitbringe, als mir vorher bewusst gewesen ist.”