Have you asked yourself that question lately? You probably did. Given the current worldwide events, a lot of people reconsidered their definition of it.

Is it about not being sick? Is it about being cautious and isolating ourselves to not transmit a virus? Or, is it about both and something more?

For me personally, I believe that the definition of health includes way more than just not feeling sick. For me, health is meant to be holistic. It is a complete well-being on all levels, be that mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental, or social. And as we all know, the social part was probably a little tricky in the last year. So, there is all the more chance to focus on the other levels and what is helping us maintain a beneficial high energy.

I know 2020 was a stressful year, and to be honest I struggled a lot and it affected my overall well-being.

Throughout the year, I realised even though I am in the personal development space, I still have my own patterns to release that have gotten me to where I am now but that have also been holding me back from going further and are causing me stress. For example, a tendency to overwhelm myself with tasks, information, projects, new learnings, etc., or a workaholic perfectionist mentality with some difficulties in setting boundaries.

These habits that have gotten me through university and into working life began to crumble when everything was transferred to home office. I felt myself experiencing some form of a burnout, suffered from the social isolation (also because I am new to the city), and my only refuge was more work.

What I want to say with this is that life can change, and once useful habits can turn against you basically overnight. So, to me, health is about being conscious of what is detracting from your energy and is making you feel bad. It is knowing those influencing factors in all areas of your life. It is about slowly re-evaluating the areas in your life when something feels off.

Hence, I posed myself the following questions:

Mentally – What thoughts are causing me stress right now and what can I do/remove/release to change that?

Emotionally – What is this emotion that I am feeling? What does it want to tell me and what do I need to let go of to get back on track?

Spiritually – How is what I am doing aligned with what I believe is my higher purpose in this life? How can my spiritual connection help me in these strange times?

Environmentally – What are the factors that annoy me in my surroundings? How can I set up my (work, home) environment for success?

Socially – What connections do I want to make, maintain, or get rid of? Who are the people I want to bring in closer?

Physically – How can I maintain my physical fitness while having fun?

These questions brought up interesting answers for me. They included removing notifications from my phone, setting myself a fixed work schedule, making a point of single-tasking everything or learning to take the emotional highs like a champ and soothe myself through the lows (a.k.a parenting myself), and getting a hypnotherapist.

But most of all, it showed me that most of my stress comes from my head and once I released that stress, I started having way more fun and noticed a lot more things I could be grateful for.

While these questions may bring out different answers in you, I hope they provide you some clarity on where your energy is drained and areas where your well-being could still be improved.